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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2

The battle at Winterfell is approaching. Jaime is confronted with the consequences of the past. A tense interaction between Sansa and Daenerys follows.


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at 03:46

When will episode 3 come on??


at 21:52

When will ep3 upload?


at 06:10

Can’t wait for the third episode tomorrow thank you for uploading! ????????????????


at 22:57

the characters are what hold the whole thing together and elevate the series from “another fantasy world”. the way the books are written pays testament to the importance of the characters.

there are some absolutely cringe-worthy lines in all episodes of the TV show so far, and the latest two episodes are no exception. doesn’t mean it’s bad TV, or a bad series. it does take the shine off, though.


at 22:11

I wouldn’t call these episodes boring, it’s just that in the past they’ve been able to jump around the world more and have a mix of character scenes and plot scenes and action scenes. Now that everyone is piled into one location, that’s not really possible, and because they’ve decided to compress down these last two seasons into much shorter seasons, we know exactly what’s going to happen at the end of each episode, making the rest of each episode feel more like filler. All these character scenes would have been more spread out across a season. Instead, now they’re all in one episode back-to-back-to-back, then next week we’ll get an episode that’s purely action. Then the episode after that will probably be pure plot, setting up for another big action episode. I think if they had stretched things out a bit more, they could have added more variety, found more stories to tell. Perhaps somebody else would call that filler, but I would call it better pacing. I for one still remember when it took a while for characters to travel from one end of the North to another. Imagine if this week’s episode featured more stuff with Yara, with Yuron, with the guys coming back from the other fort, and only half the character scenes. Then next week, we got the other half of the character scenes, mixed in with some other stuff, perhaps Yara taking back the Iron Islands. I bet we would have gotten more good character scenes out of it, and with much better pacing.

I guess my main complaint is that the series has just become too predictable. I know exactly what’s going to happen in each scene, and when those scenes will occur.


at 20:41

This episode just feels like another one of those where they have way too many characters now and it takes a whole hour just to cover all of them sitting around and catching up with each other. They had a bit of that last season. Some good scenes and all, but there’s just so much of it without anything really happening except the inevitable arrival of the army of the dead at the very end of the episode, right on cue. I hope at least some of them get killed next episode because otherwise in the three episodes that follow there won’t be time to do anything but have more catch-up chats between various combinations of them. Have I mentioned recently that it’s absolutely criminal these last two seasons are so short?

Also, I know that the actress is rather old now, and never was as young as the character she was playing, but still, Arya low light sideboob just feels wrong somehow.

I have some predictions about the next episode, and how absolutely screwed they all are, but I’ll leave those for next week when we find out if I’m right. Let’s just say I’ve been thinking about Winterfell for years now, should the Night King ever arrive there. There appeared to me to be a rather glaring vulnerability to the castle and if the writers didn’t think of it too, I’m going to actually be rather disappointed.

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at 16:35

So many whiners. Don’t worry, the show is almost over. You won’t be happy with the ending no matter what happens, so just relax and enjoy the ride.

I thought it was a great episode. I appreciate the fact that they’re spending time addressing these relationships before diving into what will probably be four intense hours of explosive action and death. It would have been pretty awful if they just threw everyone into battle without addressing the herd of elephants in the castle…


at 15:49

No need to be snarky – just informing people basic info that’s not provided in the details..
Personally I prefer to see the episode how the professionals and showrunners at HBO intend for it to be seen. They want to remind you of certain key things from previous story elements, sometimes flashing back several seasons. Also the ‘next on’ is for me a really cool teaser to look forward to. Also, those making-of docs. are awesome because it’s the 2 showrunners talking about their thoughts and the process. They’ve had 7 seasons to dial in the viewing experience, so I’m just confirming for others here that this particular version does include all those extras, so that hardcore fans can see it precisely as it’s meant to be seen. Why in the world would you gripe about that? Negative conditioning so that people here just don’t bother to add details, knowing they’ll get spit at if they make they effort?


at 14:35

Episode 2 was great , i have high hopes for this final season.


at 12:20

It was fookin amazing. It was so breathtaking and refreshing that I paused and watched some scenes again just to take in what was happening and how the characters react to situations. It has been two years, so better well enjoy every second of it while you can.


at 10:39

Admin please upload in better quality please


at 09:55

I actually really liked this episode, but then, I’ve always found the characters themselves to be the most interesting part of the series (something which D&D themselves, and much of the fanbase even, fervently disagree on). And I’ve always appreciated the Bryan Cogman-written episode; he continues to demonstrate a respect for the source material and the characters. And it was nice to see an episode driven entirely by character moments. I can definitely see how an episode like this would seem boring and useless to those for whom the main appeal of GoT is dragons and bloodshed, but for those of us who feel invested in the people themselves, it was a treat.

Also, Brienne being knighted was a great and moving moment.


at 07:21

Yeah, it seems like there’s a pretty big setup for something to happen in the crypts. And it doesn’t appear as though there will be anyone there to protect all those non-fighters seeking shelter in there. Can a bunch of bones really rise up and fight though. I’ll be interested in seeing just how large the dead army has grown on its march to Winterfell. Given all the people who have died over the centuries, the army should be massive. But maybe if the body has been dead for too long, they’re no longer within reach of the Night King. That wouldn’t apply to Rickon Stark though.

And another thing… how did Tollett and Tormund “go around” the Night King’s army. The army is between them and Winterfell (when they were at Last Hearth in Season 1). Did the dead army make a stop at the Dreadfort for more recruits? They’re probably just slowly marching, as shown when they passed the Wall but still. If the Night’s Watch rode quickly down the King’s Road, with a pretty accurate estimate on how much time it will take for the dead army to reach Winterfell, they couldn’t have been too far away.

This will be one of the longer weeks to wait out. Endgame releasing in a few days and then Episode 3 for Game of Thrones. An embarrassment of riches.


at 03:00

Thank you for posting this!